Douglas Holton Burnet September 26 at 8:50pm “More one-on-one training of kids at Aerial Sports League. 11 year old Jesse Gunn was running the show and the training. Brilliant to witness and be a part of. The future belongs to the young!!”

Jesse was the training captain for the Aerial sports.

“Hey All … we have our own Jesse Gunn ….the new ASL ambassador and training official teaching a smaller person how to fly this weekend at Maker Faire New York ….I don’t know how to express how happy this pic makes me ….or for that matter how thankful we all are for the efforts of Tommy Gunn and his family…..they pulled people out of the audience and taught them to fly all weekend ….Thank you Tommy , Kitty , and Jesse…..what a blast”

Jay Shoemaker

You gotta love the spirit, drive and verve of 11 yo Jesse Gunn. I had the pleasure to meet and work directly with him as he was the ASL’s Training Director for new drone enthusiasts at last months Maker Faire. He brought pastries for the crew that he made sat night (after putting in an 8+ hour day training) that were deelicious! Can’t wait to see him in prime time!! Support this emerging talent!!!

Douglas Holton Burnet

“Aerial Sport’s 11 year old drone pilot training captain, Jessie Gunn, is also a world-class chef and is tearing it up on the current season of MasterChef Jr. on Fox. He’s also a rock star, both figuratively and literally, as the lead singer of two rock bands. Way to go Jessie. ASL is proud to have you on the team. Rotors Up!”

Marque Cornblatt, Cofounder, Game of Drones

Source: Aerial Sports League Message Board