My favorite go to places is… Harry and Ida’s on 189 Avenue A don’t expect a big menu they only make like 7 sandwiches but what they make is amazing.

My favorite is the pastrami sandwich which the meat is made In house. They butcher and use everything so nothing goes to waste. They have a smoker that you can smell from a block away and tells your nose something good is cooking!

The pastrami sandwich is hand cut and topped with homemade anchovy mustard, buttermilk fermented pickles and dill.
The taste is totally different it’s a fresh take on a pastrami sandwich and it’s a modern flavor.
People try to compare it to Katz delicatessen or second ave deli, Don’t it’s not the same.
It would be like comparing a Creme brûlée with flan. They are kinda the same thing but different.
That being said I like all three places.

Harry and Ida’s pastrami sandwich is smokey, tender and chock full of meat and the homemade pickle cucumbers and dill give it a cleaner fresh taste and then the anchovy mustard gives it a mild bite. The hero they serve it on is always soft and pillowy, even the nubs!
They actually go out foraging looking for fresh mushrooms in the woods talk about farm to table😀.
If your in town, this is the place to go to!
Eat locally and Support your local neighborhood!