Review: Harry’s and Ida’s

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My favorite go to places is... Harry and Ida's on 189 Avenue A don't expect a big menu they only make like 7 sandwiches but what they make is amazing.My favorite is the pastrami sandwich which the meat is made In house. They butcher and use everything so nothing goes to waste. They have [...]

Ever Dance to a cooking video?

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I like to watch food videos some times but some can be really boring I start watching mine-craft videos instead. A lot of my dads friends are always asking how did you make that? I am still trying to decide what format i am going to be doing the videos. But [...]

The Best Fish and Chips Recipe!

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Hi! One of my favorite things to eat is Fish and chips! Maybe because i am part british? Nothing better than a nice crunch on the outside and soft flaky fish on the inside of a battered fish. I wanted to try something different I use micro potatoes and cooked them like french [...]

My Week

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This week i have been sick but i still have been cooking. This week i have made french macarons and added a white chocolate lime filling. We found out that that doesn't taste so good and it can taste kind of posh. Also next week i am going to do a Annie play. It is [...]

How to make Chinese roast pork

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Chinese Roast Pork the easy way. Sometimes I crave Real Chinese roast pork the kind you get from Chinatown. Even though I have like 40 Chinese restaurants that deliver around me none have the right flavor of the real roast pork. Today I was not in the mood to take a 20.00 dollar round trip [...]

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