This week i have been sick but i still have been cooking. This week i have made french macarons and added a white chocolate lime filling.Green_macaron-tray

We found out that that doesn’t taste so good and it can taste kind of posh. Also next week i am going to do a Annie play. It is on monday the 15th(6/15/2015). This week was not too exciting but i did have a concert with my school rock band at tompkins middle school. Also this week i went to my middle my next middle school and my new principal had a very very very very very very very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong speech and there was a baby crying that was right next to us so we couldn’t hear a thing.


Then we had a raffle for schools baseball team shirt(no one ever wore it don’t worry is not sweaty). I didn’t really want the T-shirt i just want to win. I am one of those type of people. but the T might look good on me.


My numbers were 847939. and the numbers 847 came and my eyes widened then a 9 and then a………17 🙁 I was so close, come on then they had 2 more raffles and one was 847923. Seriously, was this rigged. Someone had to play a trick on me.